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Editor: Walter McKeltey

Edition: Special Holiday Edition 2016


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  Links to News from our Members and Websites

From the Editor

Twyckwick® Update

Twyckwick® News Site

Phyllis Parleymore Story

Phyllis interviews old Col


Special videos

-       beautiful sunrises, sunsets

-       relaxation music

The most beautiful places on planet Earth

Learn about the fabulous Drumstick Tree

Free colouring pages

Being Independent means sticking together

-       The Dave Rawlings Machine

The Midnight Special versions

Old-fashioned pumpkin pie for the Holidays

Why Laughter is So Good For You

Easy DIY shoe shine tips

Fixes every homeowner should know how to do

The Twyckwick® Jokester

One of the best New Year’s concerts

Full Movies:

-       Rebecca

-       A Bride for Christmas

-       Mr Hobbs on Vacation

Greeting Cards

Oldies at Large Bar and Grill

Christmas Rock and Roll

Great Southern Land

Easy Recipes for the Holidays

-       Risotto Wedges

-       Carob Caramel Nut Log

-       Basil Pesto

-       Special Seafood Salad

- decadent palmiers

- shortbread

- easy homemade mayonnaise

Chocolate Corner

-       Chololate Slice

-       -chocolate truffles


-       Parsley, sage. rosemary and thyme

-       Inflammation

Holiday Music

Andy Williams

Jimmy Smith

French Christmas music

Cajun Music for the New Year

What is rich?

Henry David Thoreau

La belle neige au Canada by Charles Aulds

The Sun in Capricornia

Free ebooks - Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton

Audio book

The Wit and Humor of America, Vol 10

Art of Kathie Akins

Celebration by Mandy Howlett


Free Holiday Graphics

Hannah's Column

Alice's Video Pics

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